Policing of Pleasure

In this Installation for the Camden Arts Centre the windows of the space were covered with pegboard screens, to act as a membrane/screen to the outside world. As you come into the space an electronic counter records your arrival and marks this as an electronic number on the wall (this idea was taken further in A Long, Thin Thread). There are large cast plaster hemispheres, urinals, swollen bellies, 76cm x 102cm with 90cm with fluorescent tubes piercing the base of the casts. Thirty rubble bags are filled with rock salt sitting in

the middle of the floor, two large b/w photographs of broken concrete in an industrial cityscape also inhabits the space. A gun-mic outside the gallery picks up the sounds of the congested motorway, replaying this live feed within the installation through speakers mounted on the ceiling. The acoustic noise plays sequentially through one of twelve speakers at a time, bouncing the cyclical sounds of the city around the gallery space in a random fashion. 
Policing of Pleasure Policing of Pleasure