This spherical volume responded to the behaviour of the city outside the gallery’s walls. In ‘Silence’ I was interested in examining how elements of my Art Practise can be reactivated and go on to inform new work, particularly when it is concerned with issues of theatricality, around object, performance and decay: I’m fascinated by the tension between discipline and chance that often arises when you take the formal qualities of these practices as the beginning of new work. Between control and chance. Constructed of white parachute fabric and held up under pressurized air this five meter sphere (the size is in correlation to the 5mx10m gallery space) pulses from a light/sonic source coming from within, this feed ignites the lux levels/flash, the context of immediate provocation allowing for a deceleration of that moment in time. A radio gun-microphone positioned outside the gallery (listening to the city’s exuding sounds) converts this noise into an on-going light and sonic composition within the orb. The discipline of the sphere is challenged by the randomness of the converted street noise that in turn activates the artwork within that rectilinear space.