Banff Kinetic Installation: Hut 14

Banff Kinetic Installation: Hut 14

This kinetic installation was filmed each evening over a three-week period at dusk in the woodlands surrounding the Banff Centre for the Arts and then edited as part of a Residency there in 2002.

The landscape that appears here is strangely familiar, almost like you are walking through a set rather than in a real place. But here at the edge of the forest something has shifted. What seems at first a picturesque landscape feels slightly sinister.

The onlooker - audience - is drawn by the light in through the door of a small wooden building by the edge of the forest. A black-suited man. A performance. Both are constrained by something we cannot see. The only thing holding you in place is a sense you donít belong.

This sense of theater is only for the lens. The red lights pulse to the sound of foghorns coming from within and beyond to the forest floor. They amplify the tension between the built or man-made environment and the perceived wildness of the landscape beyond.