Virgil, THE AENEID (Book II)

The raging winds rush through the hollow wound,
And dance along in air, and skim along the ground,
Then settling on the sea, the surges sweep,
Raise liquid mountains, and disclose the deep.

This project fuses WIND and ELECTRICAL LIGHT – one natural, the other man-made – in a way that provides a powerful symbol of the local place and the cultural activity within.

LIQUID MOUNTAIN involves the dynamic and interactive illumination of each of the four elevations of the fly-tower of the Wexford Opera House. The decision to illuminate the tower is inspired by the Opera House’s history at the heart of its communities; its elevated site catching the wind’s ever-changing speed and direction; the changing social and economic currents that draw new waves of people and cultures to Wexford. The tower is illuminated by a changing light-score composed of wind movements that are

interpreted and relayed to make a light-activated interaction from dusk onwards. The dynamic is seasonal, the dominant colour-spectrum varying with each of the Four Seasons.

Thus the lit – liquid – tower frequently appears translucent, a quality that alludes to interior activity. It is a beacon not just in the centre of the town, but central to the town itself. It will be a cultural and architectural hub, viewed by residents and visitors alike from various traditional vantage points: from the bridge; along the shores and quays of the harbour; and from the various points of surrounding high ground. It is the LIQUID MOUNTAIN, a fusion of nature and culture, a new heart for an ancient place.