The Meaning of Nothing


“These lumps aren’t anything in particular, are ‘nothing much’, and yet can invoke ‘so much’, the micro and the macro, the fine silt of millennia and the larger fabric of the city and beyond.”

Mark Leahy
AC Newsletter Review

Limerick City Gallery of Art, Limerick, Ireland

Taking up five rooms of the Limerick City Gallery of Art this exhibition reintroduces elements of Kearney’s past practice and builds on his methodology to further explore new avenues of expression. Through the years Kearney has developed a personal vocabulary and this exhibition expands on this practice by confronting earlier work with new pieces. The language is constructed using families of elements that through their likenesses and otherness present and represent very diverse and sometimes opposed ideas. A series of elements are repeated with different connotations, leading the visitor though an imaginary landscape.

As Kearney’s practice evolved from figurative, often using the male body as a subject, into more complex installations and the work shifted into a more inclusive approach audience and city, all became contributors to the work. With the inclusion of new technologies Kearney often uses the physical space as data and architecture as object as raw matter he translates, distorts and mistranslates from one medium into another which contributes to the multidisciplinary nature of Kearney’s practice in which several threads of research find simultaneous outcomes in varied media and forms.

The Meaning of Nothing The Meaning of Nothing The Meaning of Nothing The Meaning of Nothing