“The juxtaposition of the torus on the red brick chimney evokes dystopian fictions where control of technology is the preserve a patrician elite. Tell Me Something is visible from far and wide in Limerick, but is the audience looking at it or is it surveying the audience? Perhaps the invitation to interact via the Internet is a ploy to gain reverse access to our private digital worlds. Through these works Kearney advocates that we should take note of our surroundings and of how and by whom our environment is configured.”

Carissa Farrell
Irish Arts Review: Spring 2014

Former Golden Vale Factory, locally known as Cleeve’s Factory, Limerick, Ireland

Limerick City of Culture 2014

Charged with a strong sense of otherness and looking out to the city of Limerick from its prominent location, hovering thirty meters up the chimney-stack of the former Cleeve’s Factory by Shannon Bridge, TellMeSomething metaphorically and literally encourages the dialogue between the individual and the city of Limerick as a whole. This new vibrant constituent in the otherwise recognisable skyline of the city becomes the interface that offers the local and visiting community the opportunity to reflect on the changing physical and historical landscape of the city of Limerick and of the river Shannon, by rendering its ordinariness extraordinary and by opening up new ways of experiencing them.

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Over its duration, the installation provides the public with the opportunity to have their airtime by uploading messages using social media to the server, proactively participate in shaping the global experience of the work by co-creating the narrative within it. When the natural light levels diminish, the eighteen meter long 360° wraparound custom-made LED curtain housed in the interior of the structure reveals the texts composed by those participating, engaging a continuous narrative to the city below.