On the road to the death camps of Chelmon, Manjanak, Auschwitz- Birkrnau, Sobibor and Terezin

By using a medium format camera to capture these images involving the setting up of the equipment for each shot so that to focus the experience of the viewer to that charged abandoned “place”.

“Traumatic experience, beyond the psychological dimensions of suffering it involves, suggests a certain paradox: that the most direct seeing of a violent even may occur as an absolute inability to know it, that immediacy, paradoxically,

may take the form of belatedness. The repetitions of the traumatic event… [suggest] a larger relation to the event which extends beyond what can simply be seen or what can be know and is inextricably tied up with the belatedness and incomprehensibility that remain at the heart of this repetitive seeing.” Cathy Caruth, “Traumatic Awakenings,” in Violence, Identity and Self-Determination, ed. Hent de Vries and Samuel Weber. Stanford UP1997. p 208.
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