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After construction of the Phase Two building was completed in 1978, Landscape Enterprise Ltd. was appointed to create a landscaped buffer zone between the Phase Two building and the site perimeter which is an area that is carefully crafted to represent a natural boundary.

Curious about how these spaces function for the users of the building, five photograph locations around the site – each of the campus’ five emergency Assembly Points. Returning to these original locations at different

As the seasons change the billboards remain the same, forming a new archive of the landscape and highlighting the man-made alterations to the site. In 2007 the emergency assembly plan was changed and the Assembly Point signs were relocated, yet the billboards remain.

This intervention may offer a disruption of our temporal and spatial relationship to the campus perimeter. During the spring we see bare winter trees and foliage where we expect to see new growth. This may prompt us to re-examine our relationship to landscape in the built environment. In this way the idea of the meaningless buffer zone without past or future becomes eroded.