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Part I: Refectory plate with text designs used in the initial set of third two, titled Data Digest. These plates were printed with information about the buildings components of the Phase Two construction at Cat Hill Campus and the various services necessary to sustain it. These were introduced into the canteen to be used every day by students to look at other ways of discussing ideas on the built environment. Examples include: the total floor area, how many double doors with or with out windows, the species of plants in the landscaping, the types of electrical conduiting necessary. This information presented in Data Digest concerns those details central to the building’s continuing maintenance, usually overlooked by most of Phase Two’s users.

A consequence of this intervention is that sometimes a meal is eaten from dinnerware imprinted with archival information about the place of work, at other times from plain white dishes. The information likely to be digested along with the meal is unpredictable.

A second wave of plates were produced bearing illustrations generated during the project Intersection Chairs. The plates provide step-by-step visual instructions demonstrating how to build a scaffolding chairs.

Part II: Images and text printed onto the third set of dinnerware used in the university refectory. The new altered plates entered into the regular refectory stock, which was

used on a daily basis by students and staff. This project was aimed at engaging users of the Phase Two building with the history, architecture and archives of the building in which they work.

The set of dinner plates pictured here was printed with images relating to the project Botanical Research Terrace. Two of these images illustrate the site of the inflatable structure within the Phase Two building and two relate to the relocation of the structure to the National Theatre as part of Phase Two: A Laboratory for Critical Spatial Practice.
Data Digest Image 1 Data Digest Image 2