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At the entrance to the Phase Two building (officially titled the Peter Green building) an architecturally unusual pagoda-like structure serves as a porch. Prior to the new smoking laws coming into force in 2007, the space under the umbrella-shaped canopy was a regular meeting place for the campusí smoking population.

For Peterís Smoking Room two audio speakers were installed in the wooden eaves of the canopy.

The speakers amplify the recorded voices of five well-known members of the campusí staff reading data generated by Quantity Surveyors during construction of the Phase Two building. Via their sounded voices, we are given detailed specifications for such items as the light bulbs, wiring, bricks, types of glass, floor coverings, toilet seats, plumbing fixtures and refectory tables. In total there are 148 audio clips played at random intervals from a digital sound store.

The information to which we listen is essential to the structural integrity and continuing upkeep of the building, but little of it is foremost in our minds when we think about our experiences there. Some of the time it is silent under the canopy, sometimes you hear just a single female voice, while at other times there may be a minute where two or even three voices compete to be heard.
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